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Curated exhibition: Rapture of the Deep

 The Textile Art of Tzuri GuetaTextile Arts Center, New York Textile Month, September 05-24, 2018

In honor of New York Textile Month – initiated by Li Edelkoort – the Textile Arts Center is hosting a collection of

exhibitions to highlight the richness of contemporary textiles. Reflecting a diversity of material and technique,

‘Interlaced’ features site-specific installation as well as sculpture, collage, weaving, knitting, and embroidery.

“Rapture of the Deep,” one of the installations selected by New York Textile Month,

is dedicated to the extraordinary textile art of Tzuri Gueta, curated by fashion historian Ya’ara Keydar.

Entirely handmade, and fabricated using a patented method that marries silk lace and silicone,

Tzuri Gueta’s work aspires to recreate his childhood memories. Gueta, who hails from a small town in Israel,

off the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, found a safe haven from day-to-day life under the sea,

where he spent countless hours observing aquatic life through his scuba mask.

Gueta (b.1968) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Paris. He studied textile design at Shenkar College,

and his work has been featured in exhibitions worldwide. Gueta has collaborated with prominent

couture houses – Chanel, Gaultier, and Lacroix, to name a few.

This site-specific installation aims to evoke the moment of escapism that the underwater world provides for Gueta.

The phrase “Rapture of the Deep,” coined by undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau in the 1940s,

describes a condition that occurs while diving in the depths of the ocean. It is an altered mental state,

infused with tranquility and a sensation of mastery of the environment, similar to alcohol intoxication.
Immersive and part obliterating, this room invites the viewer on a meditative, escapist experience – to sit, linger and absorb.

Curator: Ya’ara Keydar | Sound: Tamar Muskal | #GuetaTAC

Location: 505 Carroll Street | Brooklyn, NY 11215

Tzuri Gueta Exhibition: Bio
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