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Publications: Welcome
Publications: Welcome

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"Alber Elbaz: The Dreams Factory"
The Exhibition Book

Curator and Catalog Editor: Ya’ara Keydar

Design: Stinsensqueeze Studio

260 color pages, hardcover

Alber Elbaz was an international fashion legend. He was born in Casablanca, grew up in Holon, immigrated to New York, conquered Paris, and left behind an extraordinary legacy that changed fashion forever. 

The exhibition book "Alber Elbaz: The Dreams Factory," is an exciting and touching tribute, celebrating the life and work of the man and the designer. The book brings together the treasures of the entire exhibition in a one-of-a-kind printed edition. Its pages reveal, for the first time, the full and inspiring story of a boy who dreamed, who became a shining star in the sky of international fashion.

Hundreds of photographs, fashion illustrations Elbaz illustrated from childhood to adulthood, photographs from the exhibition itself, his life story, his unforgettable texts, and quotes, preserve the experience of visiting the exhibition and invite you to meet Alber - and fall in love.

The book will be published in December 2022.


The Ball, Tailor-Made Escapism | Exhibition Book

Curator and Catalog Editor: Ya’ara Keydar
Design: Re-Levant Studio

250 pages, hardcover

The Ball,” Design Museum Holon’s summer exhibition for 2021, explores the relations between fashion, dreams, fairy tales and escapism. The catalogue presents the story of the exhibition in 250 color pages, which forge a connection between the history of balls in the west and of the fashions designed for them, and the creations of leading local fashion designers. The catalogue documents more than 120 contemporary and historical "haute- couture" gowns made of luxurious materials, as well as surprising everyday materials. It also features 50 accessories, 22 models of Cinderella slippers printed in 3D, a gown composed of optic fibers, 6,500 macaroons, and 17 hats inspired by desserts - all created especially for the exhibition.

The exhibition book enables visitors to preserve their experience of the exhibition, while offering a close-up look at the creative dialogues that it celebrates: those between the festive and the everyday, as well as between the fantastic and the real. This book also offers a reflection on the role of fashion in everyday life, on the desire for escapism and larger-than-life experiences, and on dreams, riches and happiness.


Je t’aime, Ronit Elkabetz| Exhibition Book

Curator and Catalog Editor: Ya’ara Keydar
Design: Kobi Franco and Zohar Koren

240 pages, paperback

The book, published with the opening of the exhibition, includes six original articles that were written especially for the Exhibition, and gathers pictures of Ronit Elkabetz from her cinematic career as an actress, screenwriter and director, along with personal photographs, professional images and modeling images – from the early 1990’s and throughout her career.

The articles that appear in the catalogue in Hebrew and English deal with cinema, fashion design, gender, feminism, politics and other subjects by looking at Elkabetz’s extensive work and career. Included in the book are “Dreams from Ronit Elkabetz’s Wardrobe” an essay by curator Ya’ara Keydar, a personal essay by the exhibition artistic director Shlomi Elkabetz and an artistic biography by Yigal Nizri, as well as essays by Zohar Elmakias, Shula Keshet and Raya Morag.


A Walk of Art: Visionary Shoes | Exhibition Book

Curator and Catalog Editor: Ya’ara Keydar
Design: Studio Re-Levant
Executive Director: Udi Urman, Friends of Bezalel

160 pages, hardcover

Is a shoe a work of art? Is a shoe that cannot be walked in still a “shoe”? Through more than 60 extraordinary examples, all created by the distinguished alumni and students of Israel prestigious academy – Bezalel, the book “A Walk Of Art” treads the line between art and fashion. Thanks to their iconic shape, loaded history, and symbolism, shoes have become the ideal objects through which to evaluate these questions, to break the perceived boundaries of design and to transform shoes into objects of significance in their own right. The book includes an academic curatorial essay on the history of extreme shoes, and explores the relationship between the art and fashion worlds through shoes.


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Publications: Welcome
Publications: Welcome

Hat: Maor Zabar
Photo: Michal Chelbin

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